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Video Checklist

Before uploading your video entry, be sure it meets the following criteria for video submissions:

  • I am currently in the 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.
  • I am the only person in my video. No audio or video of anyone else is included.
  • My video is longer than 60 seconds, but it is less than two minutes long.
  • My video file has been uploaded to YouTube, set to Public (not Private), and is unlisted.
  • My video has been named "DE3MYSC - [Your Title]" on YouTube.
  • My video is focused on only one of the specific video topics for this year's challenge.
  • My video contains my original work only and no copyrighted materials.
  • My video explains the science behind both the problem and a solution as related to my selected topic.

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