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Challengeyour middle school science students at a whole new level.

Science is about ideas. Teaching is about bringing it to life.

Here, you’ll find all types of fresh, inventive resources to supplement your curriculum, capture your students’ interest and prepare your classrooms for the competition.  With science lesson plans, science activities, science videos, and our video competition, your classroom will be buzzing with excitement, cognitive development, and “ah-ha” moments of understanding.

If you teach middle school science, you know that your job is part educator, part entertainer.  Creating an atmosphere in your classroom that is creative, dynamic, and fun so your students stay engaged can be an endless challenge, but well worth the investment.

Because when you bring science alive, that’s when you see the sparks fly.

Sparks of curiosity, wonder, and innovation.  Sparks of excitement and engagement that only come with true understanding.  Sparks that just might ignite a passion for life.

Bring science alive with classroom resources that help you entertain and engage – all while offering your students the chance to win cash, exciting trips, and unique opportunities to learn from some of the best scientists in the world!

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