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The best way to learn science is to do science.

Use these free lesson plans to turn your classroom into a lab and let the magic of “doing” begin!

Plus, explore the science of everyday life with even more free lesson plans that help you engage your students with topics relevant to their life, underscore the power of science to impact our world, and more.

Challenge students to design and build an organizer for arranging and storing items by improving an existing organizer or proposing a new design.

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In this lesson, students will investigate the effects of repetitive head trauma due to sports injuries. Students will conduct simulations using a cantaloupe as a model for a player’s skull and design protective headgear using readily available materials.

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In this lesson, students are challenged to reduce dust in household environments by creating a device to recover samples from either their home or classroom.

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Innovation of our Generation

In this lesson, students will learn about the process of innovation and how a simple problem can lead to an idea that is revolutionary! Students can nominate and write a speech for the innovation they feel has had the greatest impact on their generation.

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Make it All Better

Innovations can make a real difference in people's lives, especially in times of need. In this lesson, students will identify innovations at their school that have been created to help people or solve specific problems. They then will create a prototype of an innovation that could be designed to "make it better."

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Keep It Clean… Or Pass It Around

Germs can get into your system without you noticing. To stay healthy, it helps to give some thought to germs and how they are passed from people and objects.

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Funky Food Farm

Food Safety is more than being careful not to cut yourself with a knife; it is about how to protect yourself from harmful bacteria that may be growing on food.

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Sun Smarts

While some exposure to sunlight can be enjoyable and healthy, too much can be dangerous.

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Swing and Sway

Mother Nature often offers up some severe weather. Having structures that can sustain high winds is both important and challenging.

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