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Welcome to the Young Scientist Challenge archive! Get a glimpse into the lives of our previous finalists, judges and 3M scientists.  Read on to discover their hobbies, favorite science activities, and insights on our video competition.


Marina Dimitrov Winner
Bozeman, Montana
Nate Bloom
Denver, Colorado
Jason Liu
Hockessin, Delaware
Nicholas LaJoie
Van Buren, Maine
Nico Seamons
Socorro, New Mexico
Devin Dwyer
Northport, New York
Nikita Gaurav
Beaverton, Oregon
Claire Sheen
Mountain Top, Pennsylvania
Hugh Finch
Burrillville, Rhode Island
Emily Grover
Lehi, Utah
Dr. Olester Benson
3M Corporate Scientist
Alex C. Cirillo, Jr.
3M Vice President
Eric Jackson
3M Chemical Engineer
Dr. Joe Oxman
3M Corporate Scientist
Dr. Thomas Wood
3M Corporate Scientist
Dr. Caroline Ylitalo
3M Lead Research Specialist
Judith Heberling, Ph.D.
Heberling Associates, Inc.
Michael Husband, Ph.D.
Heberling Associates, Inc.
Kenny Luna
Rhonda Reist
Olathe School District
Linda Stevens
Smithsonian Institution

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