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This week seems to be going by really fast, since all I have been doing was play tennis and work on the project, but I’m still excited for the next thing to come.

First of all, I would like to thank my mentor, Dr. Mary Caruso Dailey. Although we just started, she has been helping me a lot.  I am so grateful that I am able to explore my ideas with her through the Internet and phone. It was so encouraging when I heard from her that she likes and supports both of my suggestions and doesn’t mind that I will do some experiments with 3M materials to see which idea will work the best. Her help makes me believe in myself and feel very enthusiastic, and I am especially thankful that she has sent me the 3M materials so quickly that I’ve got a chance to already start working.

So now I have gotten one of 3M materials, which I wanted to test, and I’m very fond of it. I think 3M has done a wonderful job on it. I never saw it before (or maybe just didn’t notice), but I am so interested in seeing it used in architecture and design, as the creators obviously wanted it to be. I have attempted to test one of my two projects using this material and, although my initial idea failed, I still had fun with it. I even have come up with a different way I can use this great material in my second project to make it even better.

To sum it up, I think I’m going at a good pace and well on my way to success. My initial two projects have naturally narrowed to one. Now I’m just waiting for my second 3M product to come and for me to start working! Fingers crossed for my second project to work!

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