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I have been very busy this week and have had lots of fun so far on this project. I have been working hard on my scientist’s notebook narrowing my ideas down to one.  I chose my original entry idea based on the same guidelines that I had made for myself last week, and I had added some guidelines, such as the availability of materials to follow through with the idea, and how interested in the topic I am. Also, if other solutions exist, how much of an innovation it would be compared to past solutions or ideas. The largest factor in my decision was definitely how useful/important a solution would be to the problem.

My mentor, Dr. Free has been a great help and I have followed through with his suggestions from last week. I was very successful with them and learned a lot while designing and testing the experiment and then understanding the results. Next week I will be taking a break from experiments and doing more research because I will be sailing with my cousins in Nova Scotia, Canada!

I am proud of what I have accomplished and learned so far, and I am excited to continue my tests and experiments when I return from Canada!

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