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Soccer Bag Necessities: Starring 3M Athletic Tape!Over the past week, I've basically spent every moment of my day either playing soccer or working on my project (and I love every second)! Thank you to 3M for being one of the necessities always in my soccer bag! You have played a fundamental role in protecting me from blisters!

Ok, back to my project. By my first mentor call, I knew generally what I wanted to focus my project on. After discussing my project with my mentor, Dr. Raha Been, I created a set of goals for my project in place of step 2 in the notebook. When it came time to narrow down my goals to three, I thought about what would make my project the most useful, the most innovative, and have the best impact on the world. I carefully selected each of the three final goals using these standards, and I knew that if I meet at least two of them, then I will accomplish what I have been selected to do in this competition.

I think this is what drives 3M scientists to solve problems. They have these goals in mind they are working towards. They know that if they achieve their goals, they will have an impact on the world and help make someone's life better. They are working all day to solve some of the world's problems. Knowing that they are part the solution must motivate them to continue working, even when an experiment doesn't go well, or a project goes bust. In the end, if they persist, that risk will likely pay off and result in something that will improve life.


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