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I decided to continue the project I submitted for the Discovery Education and 3M Young Scientist Challenge.  Although I had already developed a working model of my project, it only told me that I reached my initial goals.  I could see that there were a variety of ways my model could be improved.  I feel that if I can continue to improve my model, it could be more than a science project and one day be a viable commercial product.  I really liked this project from the beginning as it met my goal of making a difference in the energy crisis, introduced me to a wide range of new scientific ideas, presented a variety of interesting problems for me to try to solve and got me interested in the business aspects as well. 

I have been doing lots of research and have performed some testing to make steps towards creating a new prototype. My mentor, Dr. Moran, has been extremely helpful.  We have had great conversations about problem solving techniques and she has also educated me further about the business aspects of creating a product. 
I believe that the 3M scientists are naturally curious and creative people who have the skills and determination to turn their ideas into reality.  I also think that it is very satisfying for them to see their finished products, some of which may change the world.  

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