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I have always been fascinated with technology, but I started to get really interested in science over the last two years. I actually entered the Young Scientist Challenge two years ago with an invention made to conserve water for public restrooms. Even though I didn't place, I told myself never to give up and entered again this year. I think perseverance is very important in science and technology research. As the famous saying goes, "You fail your way to success."

I was first inspired to enter the contest when I learned about the anatomy of the earthworm in science class and wondered if I could create a robotic earthworm. After hearing about the devastating tornado in Granbury, Texas, I wondered if a robotic earthworm could be used in search and rescue applications. I entered the contest because it seemed like a good venue to get my idea out there. I thought it would be cool to meet other kids that were also very passionate about science and technology.

I was very rushed making the entry video but had a lot of fun doing it. I had been building the search and rescue robot for about two months when I ran into a major problem. I went to bed that night thinking that I wouldn't be entering the contest. I woke up early in the morning and realized that just one simple electronic component would fix the problem. I hastily put the robot together and filmed some video right before catching a plane to California. On the plane, I put the video together and submitted my entry video several days later.

I thought that the chances of placing in the contest were slim. Still I was hopeful. When I received the phone call letting me know that I was a finalist, my jaw just about dropped to the floor.

My family is super excited and so is my amazing science teacher. I can't wait until the final event in October!!!




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