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When I first found out about the Discovery Eduction 3M Young Scientist Challenge on the Discovery Education Techbook that my school uses, I knew it would be the perfect contest for me. I was inspired to participate in the contest because I knew it would be fun, a chance for me to create my own project, and learn many new things in the process.

The process of working on my project, and making my entry video was very fun. I spent many hours in my basement working, building, testing and retesting! I felt very proud of myself at the end. My Mom and my Dad were very impressed with my video when they saw it for the first time, along with my friends and family.

As time went on, I was waiting to hear if I was a finalist and I was checking the website every day in late June to see if the ten finalists had been chosen.When I got the call that I was chosen as one of the ten finalists, I was very happy and proud of my hard work. My parents were very excited too.

If I win, I plan to save the prize money for my college education, and more importantly, I would be extremely proud of the title of "America's top young scientist".

My friends and family are bursting with joy and are being very kind and supportive! 


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