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When I first heard about the Young Scientist Challenge from my gifted teacher, I knew this competition was a perfect fit for me. It combined my passion for science with my love of communication. As soon as entries opened, I eagerly set out to begin my entry video.

Before I had begun making my video, the maximum two minute video length seemed like a piece of cake. However, as I progessed further and further in my video, I found it difficult to concise my entire project into just two minutes. Finally, after hours of editing and filming and reediting and refilming, I submitted my video online.

Once I submited my video, I anxiously awaited the results in June. My anxiety was cleared, however, when I received a call that notified me that I was a finalist and would be going to the 3M Headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. I couldn't believe it; months of long hard work on my project had paid off big time. I excitedly shared the news with my family, who shared my elation with me.


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