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SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE THIS SUMMER | The school year is officially over and it is time to have some summer fun with your family! Through Science of Everyday Life, 3M and Discovery Education have created three new activities for you to try in the summer months. The activities encourage students of all ages to apply what they’ve learned in school to these fun, family-oriented games. Students and families can continue learning while having fun on those hot summer days with these brand-new activities!

  • Burst Your Bubbles: Think you are a bubble expert? This activity will "burst your bubble" and show you how much science is behind the seemingly simple phenomenon of bubbles! Have fun exploring and discussing with your child why bubbles form, the shape of bubbles, and what makes them POP POP POP!
    • Grades K-2
    • Download here
  • The Ups and Downs of Fun: Most cars need a motor to move, especially uphill. How does a roller coaster car climb huge hills and complete loops with no motor to give it energy? Discover the energy transformations that occur during a roller coaster ride. Let your imagination run and test your own roller coaster designs.
    • Grades: K-5
    • Download here
  • Full of Hot Air: Have you ever said to anyone, "It's not rocket science." What did you mean by that? People often imply that "rocket science" is a mystifying subject that only a select few can understand. In this activity, you will see that the basic principles behind rocketry are the same as blowing up a balloon and letting it go! Have fun building and racing balloon rockets.
    • Grades: 9-12
    • Download here

This summer, your family can explore science by blowing bubbles, playing with balloons and building a roller coaster! Science is everywhere – find out how!

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