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POST-IT® NOTES AND EVERNOTE: A TEACHERS DREAM | Do you have problems remembering tasks or to-do lists? Most of us do at one time or another. If you’re like me, you come up with some tricks that will help you remember things. Post-it® notes have always been a favorite of mine and there are many days when you will see just about every color of the rainbow in the form of Post-it® notes stuck on my bathroom mirror. Recently another one of my favorite tools has joined with Post-it® notes to make it that much easier to remember! Evernote, whose tag line is, “Remember everything!” has made it possible to save your Post-it® notes in a digital format so that you can always access your notes and thoughts or to-do lists no matter where you are! 

One of the best things about Evernote is that you are able to access your notes on a computer or on a mobile device, such as a iPad or Smartphone. Evernote has recently included a camera mode within the application, which allows you to snap a quick picture of your Post-it® note and then save it to a specific folder that you have created within your account. 

Here are two resources to help you get started using Evernote and Post-it notes:

In what way can you see yourself using this in the classroom? Could students snap quick notes to help them study for a test? Could they use Evernote and Post-it® Notes to help record and guide their thinking while reading in a Literature Circle? I would love to hear your ideas, tips and tricks on using Evernote and Post-it® Notes in the classroom!

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--Cheryl Lykowski is a 2nd grade teacher and adjunct professor in Southeast Michigan

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