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To infinity and beyond with Astronaut Chris Hadfield

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND WITH ASTRONAUT CHRIS HADFIELD | Chris Hadfield is a retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. He has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station. Hadfield became very popular while serving as commander of the International Space Station for Expedition 35, mostly due to chronicling his life aboard the ISS and sharing with world using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.

My students get so excited when I have shown some of Hadfield’s YouTube videos in class and these videos have been the springboard for some very interesting conversations and several students have begun to develop a passion for anything space related! Who knows? Maybe I just might have a future ISS commander in my classroom!

Some of the topics of Hadfield’s videos include, Sleeping in Space, Tears in Space (Don’t Fall), and Brushing Teeth in Space. You can see the entire list of videos from Chris Hadfield while on the ISS for Expeditions 34/35 here, the Canadian Space Agency’s YouTube channel. Be sure to check out Hadfield’s other social media links from above.

What is the one thing that you and your students have always wondered about while astronauts are in space? Be sure to share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #DE3Mteachers.

--Cheryl Lykowski is a 2nd grade teacher and adjunct professor in Southeast Michigan

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