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Bring Science Alive in the Classroom

BRING SCIENCE ALIVE | Love bringing curriculum to life? So do we. That’s why you’ll find tons of resources here to help you fine-tune science lesson plans for grades 5–8. Also, for the ultimate in critical thinking, creativity and excitement, check out how your class can enter a video competition focused on science for middle school, the Young Scientist Challenge.

Head over to our just-for-teachers section to find:

Classroom Resources

  • Science lesson plans [link to About/Lesson Plans] use everyday principles and objects to bring science activities to life!
  • Videos [link to About/Classroom Tools] and interactive segments round out science lesson plans. Segments on the flu, pop-up skyscrapers, super soaker water guns and more energize the classroom and build interest and excitement.
  • Printable certificates [link to About/Certificates] boost classroom morale and encourage achievement! Reward students who show an affinity for science.

Young Scientist Challenge Info

  • Participation in the Young Scientist Challenge video competition brings a mix of teamwork and healthy competitiveness to the classroom.
  • Prepping for the Young Scientist Challenge teaches students critical thinking skills and builds innovation and creativity.
  • Students have the chance to win cash and exciting trips, which can boost self-confidence and spark interest in careers in science.

Ready to have your classroom bursting with excitement? Good! We look forward to seeing your students’ Young Scientist Challenge entries soon!

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Get challenge updates in your inbox! Sign up now

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