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Jack Andraka

Crownsville, Maryland
Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter
Jack likes to further pursue scientific research by participating in science fairs! He is also a member of the science, math, and engineering clubs. He is involved in the Boy Scouts and likes to stay active by going kayaking.
What is your favorite subject in school?: 
My favorite school subject is science. I enjoy physics and biology the most because of how they help me understand and think about the world.
What kind of extra-curricular activities or hobbies do you enjoy participating in?: 
I have whitewater rafted and kayaked my whole life. I enjoy working with the water to move gracefully down rapids. It is very exciting to attempt harder rivers and it also cool to figure out how to take the rapids apart mentally to have a good run.
What career do you want to pursue and why?: 
I would like to be a computational biologist because that would combine my love of math and science to solve interesting problems.
Why did you enter in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge?: 
Just knowing the science isn't enough! You have to be able to communicate your ideas to others so they can learn and apply what you know. I enjoy competing in science fairs and sharing with and learning from my competitors. I figured this challenge is a great way to practice my skills and also share my solution to the problem of low head dam drownings.
What do you enjoy most about science?: 
There is always more to learn. You can always dig deeper into whatever subject fascinates you. The scientific method is awesome because it is a way to test your ideas about what is happening!
What science accomplishment are you the most proud of?: 
I recently did a comparative study of the ecotoxicity of nano and bulk metal oxides on the marine bacteria Vibrio fischeri and the freshwater crustacean Daphnia magna. It was such a thrill to be the first person to see some of my results! I am looking forward to presenting my findings at the 3M competition as one of the nation's top ten finalists!

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