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Make science more relevant to your students with these free real-world videos and interactives showcasing how integral science is to our everyday lives and how science with innovation can make a real difference in our world.

Bring the science of everyday life into your classroom with fun, free resources that get them exploring the world around them. Take your students to an emerging technology conference to see a remote-controlled oven and a refrigerator that monitors temperature and humidity or access more fascinating everyday inventions stories and more!

It’s all about the process…

Explore a variety of strategies for developing students' scientific process skills and learn how to bring the Young Scientist Challenge into your classroom with Process this! Analyze that! Process Skills Strategies for Science

Download this Young Scientist Challenge Project Template to help students work through the scientific process.

If a picture is worth a thousand words… VIDEOS/INTERACTIVES are immeasurable

Utilize these videos to inspire and excite your students to strive to be the next generation of innovators.

Electric Cars

Did you know that electric cars got their start back in 1909 with the Baker Electric Car? Explore the evolution of this novel invention.

Smart Phone Engineering

Explore the computer power encapsulated within the modern smartphone and the invention of the touchscreen at CERN.

How We Invented the World: Space

Explore the development of commercial space flights with Burt Rutan’s design of the space-capable aircraft for the Ansari X prize competition.

Sky Scrapers and Mother Nature

Structural engineers face problems everyday designing skyscrapers by telling the story of “The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis”, how an inadvertent vulnerability in the Citigroup Center in New York was discovered and secretly corrected.

Skyscrapers and Light

Advancements in skyscraper have led designs to include form as well as function. This video details the story of the Equitable building in New York and 20 St Mary Axe better known as “the Gherkin” skyscraper in London.

Colonizing the Sky

Visit key innovations in skyscraper history with this video that showcases the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore and discusses the potential future of skyscraper design.

Homemade Heroes

Count down the top twenty outrageous clips of people performing experiments, making inventions, or engaging in stunts.

Power Junkies

Count down the top twenty videos of people using the natural forces of the universe: gravity, light, sound, and others.

Brain Games

Discover scientific breakthroughs on the brink of changing life as we know it. Host Josh Zepps profiles methane gas on Mars, a video game that runs on brain waves, improvements in 3-D technology, and more.

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