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Maanasa-Can't wait to get started

Hello fellow science enthusiasts!

I am so elated to have this amazing opportunity to work with an inspiring, knowledgeable scientist along with 9 other absolutely amazing people. I cannot wait to see my originally crazy ideas transform into a real innovation as this journey unfolds! When I first heard about the Young Scientist Challenge from my science teacher, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for science, and video editing to solve a 21st century problem. Read more

Rohit - The Experience Begins


It was a quiet day at home, and I was enjoying the warm summer breeze outside, while not quite enjoying the stack of summer reading books next to me. I sighed, knowing I couldn't hold off on starting this assignment any longer, and I picked up the first novel in the stack. Suddenly, the phone rang. Read more

Rohan Wagh - On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!

Hello Everybody, and Welcome to my Young Scientist Challange Summer Blog!

Im so excited to be one of the top ten finalists and to compete in the final event in St Paul. Thanks you to Discovery Education and 3M for chosing me as one of the finalists.

From the moment I heard about this competition I knew I had to enter and give it a shot. I had previously entered my project into the NWSE science fair and was placed first in my catagory. I knew I had to enter this competition to bring my project to the next level. Read more

Kaien Yang: Excitement to Start an Amazing Journey

I am most inspired by the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge’s focus on developing middle school students to tackle real world problems. 

Drawn to science at a young age, I conducted many experiments in our basement. I kept coming back to the bioplastic project, which I started four years ago. My search for a commercially viable bioplastic went through many liberating iterations of trials and errors through different base materials. Read more


Greetings, Science Enthusiasts!

I’ve always been interested in nature and science. One of my greatest joys as a young child was coaxing Painted Lady butterflies to land on my fingers, and cupping flashing fireflies in my hands.

This joy led me to my first science project when I was eight years old, titled “Butterflies in Space” -- a comparison of caterpillar development on Earth and on the International Space Station. Read more


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