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Patrick - Week 8

My mentor, Dr. Del, has made me think about how a scientist approaches a problem.  She shared with me how valuable consumer feedback is after you've brainstormed ideas and have focused on a solution.  Read more

Aidan - Video Blog: Doing field research (and having fun!)

Hello Everyone!

I just got back from a Boy Scout trip in Lake George, NY.

During the trip I sailed and camped on different islands.  We backpacked and sailed from island to island and it was a fun time. The weather was great except for one night of wicked storms. Read more

Chase - Further Research - A Travois for the African People

If you have done a science fair project, or if you are a researcher, there’s always a required section entitled “Further Research” at the end of your report. Read more

Naren - Building the Prototype!

My video blog is below:

Building The Prototype Read more

Anishaa - Seventh Blog - On Production

The actual process of creating this project has been mapped out and patterned. I've changed some details from my beginning idea, but right now, it's starting to look as though I've got a full plan. Read more


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