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Blog #4 (Video Blog #1)


Here is my first Video Blog!

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Week 7- Braeden Benedict

Summer almost over! I'd once again like to thank 3M and Discovery Education for this amazing opportunity and experience.

Please take a look at my videos. Thanks!

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Young Scientist Challenge Video Blog #1

Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge
Caroline Boschetto Video Blog #1

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Young Scientist Challenge Week 7



I spent a few hours doing research on my innovation and realized that the hardest part about gathering information was finding what types of technologies were available. For the most part, I felt that my initial approach to solving the problem was simple and effective. Yet, as I dug deeper I discovered there were more technologies that were more effective and more practical. Without research, one can think of only one solution. It may seem great that someone has discovered a solution to a problem but this limits the person to only one option. Read more

The Scientific Method

Hi there its Jack Andraka from Maryland. In my next few blog posts and video shares I will be talking about the scientific method. The scientific method is the method that all scientists use to perform an experiment and the process is as followed: Ask a Question, Do Background Research, Construct Hypothesis, Test with an Experiment, Analyze Results. If your hypothesis is correct you can now go ahead and form your conclusion, otherwise form a question about why your hypothesis might be wrong and start all over again. Read more


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