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Gabriel - Journey and Support

The hardest thing about this challenge has been time.  I was in summer camp for seven weeks, spent a week in New York with my grandparents, took a week vacation with my family and did a long weekend trip to Maine as well. Read more

Chase - Experiments, Experiments, and More Experiments

I have spent the past 11 days conducting experiments to ensure I choose the right materials and designs for the travois. Read more

Anin -- Materials and Procedure

Throughout this past week, I’ve been looking at the materials required to complete my project, and some of them are difficult to obtain. Read more

Naren - Research and Organization!

Check out my video blog below! Read more

Gabriel - Resources and Ideas

This week I have been exploring resources and ideas. There are so many ways of doing something that it’s hard to do it right. I've also been on the lookout for 3M materials to use in my project. Read more


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