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Hello everyone!

This week was spent researching my topic. There is so much information out there! I could spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week reading and learning all there is to know about my topic! It’s a good think I’m really interested in this topic. Read more


Alec - Testing the Vacuum Chamber

Hi everyone!

My project will need to be tested in a vacuum chamber. My mentor and I discussed and we think I should test the performance capabilities of the vacuum with different materials in it, so I will know what is best to build my prototye with. I have included video of my tests. Check it out!

-Alec Read more

Iris- And the Research Continues...

Hi Everyone,

As this week continues, I have been doing a tremendous amount of research for my project. I think I now have a vast knowledge on the basic components of the materials I will be using in my projects. My idea is novel, so it is quite difficult finding papers about this topic, however, the technology I am planning to use is an up-and-coming technology, so I am sure new literature is being published every week. Read more

Hannah - Research is Key to Problem Solving

Hello, Fellow Scientists!

Wow! This YSC journey is really flying by. I’m having so much fun! Read more

Eight Great Tips for Effective Brainstorming

by Kim Moldofsly, The Maker Mom

The journey toward earning the title of America’s Top Young Scientist begins with a compelling question. Answering that question requires careful observation, creative thinking, solid planning skills, self-discipline and hard work. But simply defining that question is the first step of the journey.  Read more


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