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Sahil - Researching Away

For the past week or so, I have been researching basically everything possible, from different scientific principles to creative uses of materials. Although I could not always find the information I wanted, I used what I had to improve my project. The hardest part of gathering information, however, was organizing it so that it was easily accessible when needed. Without researching, I was able to solve many of my problems, but researching gave me a firm explanation as to why my explanation worked. Read more


It sure has been a busy month! Nikita has been trying out a few of 3M’s products in his projects and figuring out which ones worked and which ones didn't work. He’s had two parallel projects/ideas he’s been investigating and just recently combined them into one overall innovation that he’ll present later this fall at 3M Center. Read more

Ana - Planning the Research, Researching the Plan

I have logged alot of hours this week researching, and my project is starting to take form. I can't wait until it's time to experiment!

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I am working on a solution which helps deal with mosquitoes that may carry malaria or other diseases. Some of the key pieces of information that I needed to complete my design  are not available in the current literature, so I had to conduct these experiments on my own. Dealing with live insects is especially difficult because they may move around and be difficult to collect. Most problems cannot be solved without research, especially when the problem doesn't occur near you and you have never experienced it before. Read more

Mythri - Invention is 20% Research, 30% Creativity and 50% Innovation!!!

Internet, the backbone of modern technology. Internet is what makes most things possible. This week, as I have been continuing my research, I have come to realize the immense value of the irreplaceable internet. As I have been researching the formulae behind complex scientific equations, I have found myself relying more and more on this marvelous invention. Read more