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Reflections - Krishna Reddy

Hi everyone,

The best part of the Young Scientist Challenge process has been inventing. It's very fun and innovative! The most challenging process has been to innovate successfully, as we do not know whether we will be successful in the final round or not. Read more

Conner--Building My Prototype

Hi everyone! Conner here.

The best part of the process so far has been building my prototype. It feels good to build something on my own and say that it's mine. Still, even though it was very fun to build, it was probably the hardest part too. Due to the fact that my innovation involves a lot electrical engineering, it made it hard to construct my prototype.  Read more

Amulya - End Game

Hi there! Here is my video blog about my mentor. Check it out!

End Game

-Amulya Read more

What's This? Silly Question Day!

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

It’s been said that students enter school as question marks and graduate as periods. Surely you’ve seen a classroom buzzing with kindergarteners asking why this, why that. Now think about a typical middle school classroom where the most common question is likely to be, “Is this going to be on the test?” How can a teacher change this? Start by celebrating Silly Question Day! Read more


Hello everyone!

This week was spent researching my topic. There is so much information out there! I could spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week reading and learning all there is to know about my topic! It’s a good think I’m really interested in this topic. Read more



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