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Brandon - Third Post

To say that Week Three has gone by as fast as light would be an understatement. The first conversation with my mentor is still fresh in my mind.

So far, I've been enjoying the summer. The London Olympics started yesterday, so I've watched a little of that. My primary focus has been on my project, naturally. Read more

Aidan - The Cycle of No Power - Finding the Patterns

Hello Everyone,

How is everyone's summer? Mine is flying by quickly!

Over the past week, I have been doing a lot of research with different
sources to get a concept behind my Challenge innovation. I have narrowed my focus and I'm ready to take my project to the next step. Read more

Patrick - Week 3

This week I took two steps forward and one step backward!  I researched deeper into the world of OTC drugs and identified two additional problems.  For that reason, I took a step backward and re-explored the world of 3M, brainstorming products that could solve these issues. Read more

Deepika - YSC Week 3: Choosing a Solution

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

Last week I visited the Boston Museum of Science for some inspiration. Here is a quick video blog that shows my progress so far. Hope you enjoy! Read more


Naren - Third Blog Post

Hey everyone!  This week has been strenuous and engaging.  I can say that choosing the one idea that I'm going to present and stick with is very agonizing. You feel as if once you choose this idea, there's no going back if suddenly something better comes into your head. However, after looking at all of my ideas and judging them on creativity, novelty, how well I could present it and if I could explain it scientifically, I believe I have narrowed them down to the best idea.  I've set goals for this project that may seem rather impossible to achieve, but with confidence, dedication and perseverance, I believe I can create this amazing innovation along with my mentor. Read more


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