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Deepika - YSC Week 2: Finding the Problem

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

As we begin week two of the summer mentorship program, I have diligently been working on my project. As any good scientists would do, I have decided that the best way to begin would be to follow the hallowed steps of the scientific method. This process of observing, researching, hypothesizing, experimenting, and concluding has led many great scientists to success and I am confident that with these rules by my side, I can confront any scientific challenge. Read more


Chase - The Innovation Process

3M/Discovery has encouraged the YSC Finalists to learn about the various products 3M makes, then look at the world around us and see if there are any everyday problems or inconveniences that could be solved using a 3M product.

When I looked at the 3M website, I was AMAZED to see how many products – and how many different kinds of products – it produces. And they have some pretty cutting-edge stuff, too. 3M definitely is not just Post-Its and Scotch Tape! Read more

Gabriel - Invention Starts With Curiosity

Invention Starts With Curiosity
I’ve always wondered why everything worked, how it worked, and how we could augment this reality.  Even when I was 4 and 5, my favorite story was “How was the universe created?” I believe the most important question of all  is “Why?”

I entered this contest because I was intrigued by the dynamic of observation and innovation. A simple idea can make a big impact.  I wanted to express the importance of butting in and asking why. Read more

Naren - Opening Blog Post!

"Wow, I cant believe this! This is incredible! Oh wow, thank you so much!"  were the words I faintly remember saying, as I found out I was a finalist. That particular Thursday, before that moment, was a rather lifeless and ordinary day. I was in my room until the phone rang and my mother called me down saying the call was from "Young Scientist Challenge".  Since then, my friends and family couldn't have been happier for me. Read more

Aidan - The Beginning of My Journey

Hi Everyone!!!!
I'm Aidan from Northport, New York and I am one of ten national finalists in the 2012 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The ten of us selected are middle school students from around the country with great ideas and I look forward to meeting everyone. Congratulations to all! Read more


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