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Gabriel - Availability and Motivation

I’ve realized scientific research was much more difficult before the Internet.

Every day we make groundbreaking discoveries and innovations, some of which further our availability to gather information. Yet sometimes, people resort to more conventional means of discovery like I have in looking for problems to solve in my inventing process.  When I’m looking for problems to solve, I rely on family members who have issues like sleep apnea or disconnected IV’s. Read more

Brandon - Second Post

Hi everyone!

As Week 2 comes to a close, I can’t believe how fast the YSC has passed. I can still remember writing my first entry.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about my project all week. I decided to stick to my current project, which is definitely the most developed idea I’ve had so far. I’ve gotten some excellent insight from my mentor, Dr. Cordell Hardy. The main focus for me is how I’m going to incorporate the 3M technologies I have chosen into my invention. Read more

Patrick - Week 2

Summer is the season for hanging out all day with my friends and playing my favorite sports, but with the record-high temperatures we've had this summer, I don't mind taking time just to sit and relax and watch things happen.  This week my homework was to reflect on my possible solutions to problems I've observed or researched.  This is my favorite part of every project I've worked on.  After meeting Dr. Deloney Langer-Anderson (Dr. Del)  on the phone, I discovered that brainstorming new solutions to problems is what makes her job so great.  I am very fortunate to be paired with a scientist who is not only extremely knowledgeable (PhD in Chemistry) but cheerful, encouraging, and patient. Read more

Naren - Second Blog Post!

Wow, I can't believe it has only been about a week since the kick-off webinar! Getting to really immerse myself in the scientific-process of creating an innovation has been a tremendous experience! I've really seen what lengths these 3M scientists have to go to innovate such spectacular products and tools. Their hard work is certainly an inspiration for me and probably for the rest of the finalists. I believe the thing that motivates 3M scientists is their passion and drive to create life-changing products that revolutionize the way we do things. I certainly commend them for their hard work! After all, it is said that there is always a 3M product within 15 feet of you! Read more

Carolyn - Week Two

Week Two!

Early this week, I have been watching my world, looking for new problems where I can make a difference.

During this process, I noted several issues with identifying relevant problems which I thought I could address in an exciting way.  A few problems that I identified were less exciting, because they were too specific and did not impact a large enough population.  By contrast, some problems are clearly important, but many great minds have already been working to find solutions, and I didn’t identify a new way for me to make a big difference.  For other identified problems I had come up with solutions, although it felt it would be difficult to turn these solutions into innovations this year.  (For instance, several solutions focused on computer programing at a level beyond my current skills.) Read more


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