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Will Paschal - Beginning the Process

Over the summer I had the priviledge to go on so many trips with my family. I saw a lot of things people in my community don't normally see in my small hometown, and many of those observations I ended up putting in my scientist's notebook. The process of identifying the problem to these solutions was fairly easy, but the hard part was narrowing the problems down to the ones I wanted to solve. After talking with my mentor Jeff, I finally boiled it down to three. Read more

Rohit Mital- It's the One

The process of choosing one, just one problem to work on for the summer was a very daunting task, given that it could make or break my success in this challenge. So, when posting about such a topic, I thought it deserved a video!

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Hello, bonjour, buenos dias, salam, ciao, and aloha dear scientists!

I'm hoping all you loyal viewers enjoyed the first episode of Science & Sara because I loved making it! Also keep your eyes open for next week's new episode as well!

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Amelia Day - So Many Choices...So Little Time!

I remember the process of picking an idea when I was trying to figure out what I would do for my science fair project, and let me just say, it wasn’t easy. I had about 20 ideas (most of them absolutely terrible) and couldn’t really decide on one. I had a bunch of ideas that nobody had any need of, and a bunch that I wouldn’t ever be able to build in my entire lifetime…much less the looming science fair deadline. Not to mention my ideas that even I couldn’t make sense of. Read more

Scientists Seek Health Solutions in Rio

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

The other day a colleague told me that his friend is representing Team USA as a member of the sailing team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. “Wow, that’s fantastic!” I exclaimed. My smile melted into a grimace as I recalled recent news stories, “Oh, the water…” Read more


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