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Meghna Behari- Keep On Questioning

Hello everyone!

Did you know that science is everywhere? Everything you do in a day can be traced back to or can be explained by science. There are a lot of different aspects of science, but it always starts with making observations and identifying a problem. As long as you are curious about the world around. Read more

Maanasa Mendu -Week 2!!!

Hello fellow science enthusiasts,

I can’t believe it’s the second week already! Time flies when you are having fun. This week, I’ve made substantial progress narrowing down the problem and concentrating on specific ideas.

At age 9, I read a book, which discussed the ongoing water crisis in Sudan. I became fascinated with the science behind the issue, spending weeks creating designs for the ultimate water purification device. I have yet to realize the dream, but I am confident that it will happen! Read more


Greetings fellow science enthusiasts!

This week, I’ve made lots of progress towards developing my innovation! 

First, I considered what doctors need to know in order to prescribe the correct drug. They need to know a patient’s genetic mutations and how those mutations will affect the patient’s response. Read more

Will Paschal - This Is Gonna Be Awesome

One day during first grade my teacher taught us a lesson on carnivorous plants, and it interested me more than anything else at the time had. Read more

Amelia Day - Oh My Gosh!

Hi, my name’s Amelia, and I’m one of the 2016 top ten finalists in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge! Read more


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