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Mrinali Kesavadas - Coming to Fruition

Hello fellow scientists,

As my summer of new innovation is coming to a close, I think what I liked the most was learning how to overcome scientific challenges in a short period of time. This experience was greatly enhanced by my interactions with my mentor. When I first started thinking of the innovation challenge, my first thought was that there is no way I can come up with a new invention in just three months. But as I started discussing some ideas with my mentor, he completely supported and encouraged me to go ahead with this new invention. Read more

Kaien Yang - Part 2: Pumpkin Based Bioplastics

Hi everyone!

I’d like to dedicate this blog to part 2 of my project, focusing on inventing a technically feasible, commercially viable and biodegradable plastic using pumpkin and the glycerin which was produced as a byproduct from the transesterification in part 1 of my project. Read more

Meghna Behari- A Successful Summer

Hello Everyone!

This is my second video blog where I discuss working with my mentor and my experience this summer being apart of the Young Scientists Challenge. 



Goodbye for now, 

Meghna  Read more

Rohan Wagh - Counting Down the Days

Hello Everybody,

This is my first video blog post, In it I talk about the reason behind my project and more on what are fuel cells. 

During my video blog, I also learned why dogs are not welcome while recording.

Read more


Greetings fellow science enthusiasts! I’ve been progressing along my journey, and my prototype is under construction!

Deciding on how to design a prototype for my innovation of a parallel algorithm that finds mutations linked to drug responses was a challenge, but my mentor and I figured out a solution! With the help of my mentor Mr. John Henderson, I created a friendly graphical user interface that allows doctors to access genomes, find mutations, and link them to drug responses. Read more


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