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Mrinali Kesavadas - Open Box: Components of My Project

I just recieved most of my materials for my project! In this week's video blog, I will talk about process of research and what I plan to do next with the components of my project.




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Rohit Mital - Looking Deeper

We, as scientists, have a duty to solve problems.

To solve these problems, we must know what they are, and that's why we do research. Research is a crucial part to any science project or experiment, because you can't solve anything without knowing what it is. This is especially true when you're in a situation like I am, where you basically know absolutely nothing about what you're working with.  Read more

Will Paschal - Experiencing Haiti

Near the end of the summer I took a trip to Haiti with my dad and it completely changed my worldview. Before that trip I had no idea how absolutely blessed we Americans are. It's completely different seeing the country's issues firsthand instead of just reading about them on the Internet because they are much more real than I thought and the crazy thing is that Haiti is only 838 miles from Florida. That's only about a two and a half hour plane ride! Read more

Rohan Wagh - Creating Ideas

Hello everyone,

Recently I visited San Diego and Los Angeles in sunny California. I had a great time and enjoyed surfing and visiting the amusement parks in LA. While on vacation I couldn’t help but see how much different scientific inventions have affected our world. From something as simple as bottled water, to advanced systems that choreograph the light shows at the parks, our world has clearly been shaped by the scientists of today. Read more

Meghna Behari- The First Steps

Hi everyone!

Here is a picture of me at my first science fair!









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