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Think Green

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

The other day I watched a teacher play with bright, colorful loops of fabric that he had stapled to a circular board. Curious, I approached him to learn more about his unusual project. Like a seasoned STEAM (STEM+Arts) professional, he replied without missing a beat, “I’m making a Truffula tree.”  Read more

Your Students Can't Win if They Don't Enter

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom Read more

Science that Sticks

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

I was a bit alarmed when I heard that “gecko feet” were included on the recent resupply mission to the International Space Station. Thankfully the gecko feet in question were not the latest good-luck charm or trend in fuzzy slippers, but a nickname for a potentially useful material. Read more

Happy National Robotics Week!

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

Once the stuff of science fiction and wealthy eccentrics, robots are now widely available and affordable for people like you and me. It’s easier than ever to put robots to work in your classroom to bring science and engineering lessons to life. Read more

Dive into Fresh Water Solutions

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

On cold, windy Chicago winter days, I question why I live here. After all, I could move near my cousins in sunny Arizona or relocate to San Diego, where the perfect weather is the stuff of Midwestern dreams. But I know why I live in northern Illinois: water. We have access to fresh water and lots of it. Read more


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