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Ever since Discovery Education and 3M announced that I was a finalist, I have come up with possible problems we face that I could solve as my final project. I narrowed the list down to three problems, by choosing the ones I was most interested in solving. I also took into consideration the time I had and the scope of impact of my solution. I eliminated the ones that addressed only a limited amount of the population. I eliminated the ones that did not have a large economical impact as well. Read more

Raghav Ganesh - Second Blog Post


Welcome to my second blog post.

I can’t believe that it’s already been two weeks! It still feels like I just started working on the YSC Challenge. Read more

3M Mentor Jeff Emslander - New Beginning

Wow – this is fun! I was aware of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge but was not involved in the program until this year. I know most of the other mentors well and I can say that the program has done a great job of matching 3M mentors to the ten finalists. I hope I can match the quality of the rest of the mentor group. ☺ Read more

Peter - Picking The Challenge

     Research. There is no end to it, or controlling it. I have one of those personalities where when I research something, I just keep going. Every time I found a new problem, I would research it for hours, wondering whether there was some clever way to solve it. With every minute that passed by, my body would get more and more tired, and hungry, until finally my mom would tell me to stop it and make me eat food. Read more

Krishna Reddy - Being Picky

I noticed that there are a lot of unsolved problems out there as well as solved ones. A lot of problems can just be solved with better planning or better spending. Some problems are harder to solve requiring millions of dollars of research and development, which I don't have access to. There's a middle range where it's not way too easy and it's not too hard. Read more


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