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Raghav Ganesh - My First week

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post! :)

I have always been very interested in science and math. Working on STEM projects is a lot of fun.The finalists' projects from the previous years have been a great inspiration for me, and I wanted to enter the competition as well. Making the entry video was very exciting and a great learning experience. Read more

Peter - Rolling Up to the Challenge!

For the past couple weeks, ever since I received my "You're a finalist" call, I've been researching to come up with a new invention. So far, I've got a couple leads, but nothing solid. The whole reason I entered the contest was because whenever I visited my grandmother, if we went out shopping, she'd always be so greatful for me carrying in the groceries, and I realized that it was really hard for her. Then an idea sprang into my mind, what if she had something on her railing... like a handle or something maybe, to get up the stairs! Read more

Krishna Reddy - The Basics

I was inspired to enter this contest when I had an idea and wanted to present it. Making my entry video was very fun because I got to edit it and choose the content that was put in. Obviously, it was very difficult in deciding what to include and what not to include.

I kind of just forgot about the competition a week after I entered. Later when I was at a summer camp, my family called me and told me that I was a finalist. Read more

Conner-A Passion for Science

It all started at school when my science teacher gave us the assignment to create an innovation that made an impact in the world. My entire class was supposed to later present their innovation to the class through video. My original idea involved saving the millions of birds that die in window crashes every year, but I eventually got inspired by my own dogs. While parked at a local sports store with both my dogs, the car began to get hotter and hotter as time progresseed. My dogs began panting frantically after about ten minutes which made me worried. Read more

Amulya - First Post!!

Hi there! I’m Amulya and I live in Pittsburgh. I am so excited to be one of America’s top ten young scientists along with nine absolutely brilliant people. Read more


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