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Global Climate Change

Global climate change is one of society’s most pressing concerns. In fact, scientists expect 2016 to go down as the hottest year on the books, beating the record set just last year. Learn how young scientists are working to change climate trends.  Read more

Autonomous Cars: 5 Prompts for Young Scientists

Autonomous cars and other self-driving vehicles may seem like science fiction to adults. But they will become a fact of life by the time today’s middle school students reach their 20s, if not before. In fact, autonomous vehicles are already hitting the streets. Two new commercial vehicles are driving the future of transportation: Olli, a self-driving minibus that may be headed to a city near you, and Otto, which recently made waves as a highway-driving autonomous truck. Read more

Meet the Mentor, Margaux Mitera

Each of the ten finalists is paired with a 3M mentor to continue their research over the summer. Let's meet Margaux Mitera, mentor to this year's Top Young Scientist! Read more

Maanasa Mendu is America’s 2016 Top Young Scientist!

Ninth grader Maanasa Mendu has won the 2016 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge! Read more

Add a little something to STEM

Arts, design thinking, or entrepreneurship- add a little something to STEM in your classroom as your students prepare to enter the 2017 Young Scientist Challenge! Read more


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