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July 2012

Anishaa - Third Blog - On Choices

Hello again! I can't believe it's already the third week of blogging- it all passes so quickly!

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about the possibilities. The entire process requires a great deal of thinking, such as what problems are really prominent currently, and what am I capable of? Not to mention the task of figuring out how to go about solving the problem. All in all, while it has been incredibly busy, I've also enjoyed this very much. Read more

Brandon - Third Post

To say that Week Three has gone by as fast as light would be an understatement. The first conversation with my mentor is still fresh in my mind.

So far, I've been enjoying the summer. The London Olympics started yesterday, so I've watched a little of that. My primary focus has been on my project, naturally. Read more

Aidan - The Cycle of No Power - Finding the Patterns

Hello Everyone,

How is everyone's summer? Mine is flying by quickly!

Over the past week, I have been doing a lot of research with different
sources to get a concept behind my Challenge innovation. I have narrowed my focus and I'm ready to take my project to the next step. Read more

Patrick - Week 3

This week I took two steps forward and one step backward!  I researched deeper into the world of OTC drugs and identified two additional problems.  For that reason, I took a step backward and re-explored the world of 3M, brainstorming products that could solve these issues. Read more

Deepika - YSC Week 3: Choosing a Solution

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

Last week I visited the Boston Museum of Science for some inspiration. Here is a quick video blog that shows my progress so far. Hope you enjoy! Read more


Naren - Third Blog Post

Hey everyone!  This week has been strenuous and engaging.  I can say that choosing the one idea that I'm going to present and stick with is very agonizing. You feel as if once you choose this idea, there's no going back if suddenly something better comes into your head. However, after looking at all of my ideas and judging them on creativity, novelty, how well I could present it and if I could explain it scientifically, I believe I have narrowed them down to the best idea.  I've set goals for this project that may seem rather impossible to achieve, but with confidence, dedication and perseverance, I believe I can create this amazing innovation along with my mentor. Read more

Chase - Lists, on top of lists, on top of more lists

Working with my 3M Scientist Mentor, Dr. Hager, has been great. It’s been very easy to talk to him, he’s VERY knowledgeable about so many things, he’s helpful, and he even laughs at my bad jokes! I’m having a lot of fun collaborating with him. If I start an engineering company one of these days, Dr. Hager would be the first person I would try to hire (although getting him away from 3M would be hard – he’s stuck to that company like a strong polymeric resin). Read more

Carolyn - Picking the Problem and Solution of Choice

Background Research

Recently I have had the task of taking my top 8 ideas and narrowing them down to three ideas.  Then I came up with multiple plausible solutions for each of these problems.  As I worked through this process I kept several things in mind.  I considered whether I had the scientific expertise, the time, and/or the resources needed to complete each innovation over the summer. Read more

Anin - Blog 2 - Innovation from Research

Hello everybody! I have started to narrow my focus on my project for the 3M/Discovery mentorship program. The two things that really inspired me the most, I believe, in this program were the meeting with my mentor and the 3M website. When I first talked with my mentor, I was amazed by his knowledge and accomplishments; I would  like to thank him for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to mentor me.  I’m privileged to have the opportunity to work with him, and I look forward to the coming weeks! Read more

Anishaa- Second Blog- On Research

Hey everybody! I've been participating in a camp known as "Andrew's Leap" every day and the people there are the kind that you aspire to be. Andrew's Leap is a selective camp that focuses on math and computer science, and I'm privileged to be there. I'm in the process of coming up with my idea, drawing inspiration from every problem, every lifestyle, and every personality I see. Read more

Aidan - Time to Get Busy!

Hello Everyone!

I have some new updates!

It's been a busy week for me in the Challenge.

First off, I met my mentor Dr. Erdogan-Haug this past week. We had a great meeting and we discussed some preliminary ideas for my innovation. Read more

Gabriel - Availability and Motivation

I’ve realized scientific research was much more difficult before the Internet.

Every day we make groundbreaking discoveries and innovations, some of which further our availability to gather information. Yet sometimes, people resort to more conventional means of discovery like I have in looking for problems to solve in my inventing process.  When I’m looking for problems to solve, I rely on family members who have issues like sleep apnea or disconnected IV’s. Read more

Brandon - Second Post

Hi everyone!

As Week 2 comes to a close, I can’t believe how fast the YSC has passed. I can still remember writing my first entry.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about my project all week. I decided to stick to my current project, which is definitely the most developed idea I’ve had so far. I’ve gotten some excellent insight from my mentor, Dr. Cordell Hardy. The main focus for me is how I’m going to incorporate the 3M technologies I have chosen into my invention. Read more

Patrick - Week 2

Summer is the season for hanging out all day with my friends and playing my favorite sports, but with the record-high temperatures we've had this summer, I don't mind taking time just to sit and relax and watch things happen.  This week my homework was to reflect on my possible solutions to problems I've observed or researched.  This is my favorite part of every project I've worked on.  After meeting Dr. Deloney Langer-Anderson (Dr. Del)  on the phone, I discovered that brainstorming new solutions to problems is what makes her job so great.  I am very fortunate to be paired with a scientist who is not only extremely knowledgeable (PhD in Chemistry) but cheerful, encouraging, and patient. Read more

Naren - Second Blog Post!

Wow, I can't believe it has only been about a week since the kick-off webinar! Getting to really immerse myself in the scientific-process of creating an innovation has been a tremendous experience! I've really seen what lengths these 3M scientists have to go to innovate such spectacular products and tools. Their hard work is certainly an inspiration for me and probably for the rest of the finalists. I believe the thing that motivates 3M scientists is their passion and drive to create life-changing products that revolutionize the way we do things. I certainly commend them for their hard work! After all, it is said that there is always a 3M product within 15 feet of you! Read more

Carolyn - Week Two

Week Two!

Early this week, I have been watching my world, looking for new problems where I can make a difference.

During this process, I noted several issues with identifying relevant problems which I thought I could address in an exciting way.  A few problems that I identified were less exciting, because they were too specific and did not impact a large enough population.  By contrast, some problems are clearly important, but many great minds have already been working to find solutions, and I didn’t identify a new way for me to make a big difference.  For other identified problems I had come up with solutions, although it felt it would be difficult to turn these solutions into innovations this year.  (For instance, several solutions focused on computer programing at a level beyond my current skills.) Read more

Deepika - YSC Week 2: Finding the Problem

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

As we begin week two of the summer mentorship program, I have diligently been working on my project. As any good scientists would do, I have decided that the best way to begin would be to follow the hallowed steps of the scientific method. This process of observing, researching, hypothesizing, experimenting, and concluding has led many great scientists to success and I am confident that with these rules by my side, I can confront any scientific challenge. Read more


Chase - The Innovation Process

3M/Discovery has encouraged the YSC Finalists to learn about the various products 3M makes, then look at the world around us and see if there are any everyday problems or inconveniences that could be solved using a 3M product.

When I looked at the 3M website, I was AMAZED to see how many products – and how many different kinds of products – it produces. And they have some pretty cutting-edge stuff, too. 3M definitely is not just Post-Its and Scotch Tape! Read more

Gabriel - Invention Starts With Curiosity

Invention Starts With Curiosity
I’ve always wondered why everything worked, how it worked, and how we could augment this reality.  Even when I was 4 and 5, my favorite story was “How was the universe created?” I believe the most important question of all  is “Why?”

I entered this contest because I was intrigued by the dynamic of observation and innovation. A simple idea can make a big impact.  I wanted to express the importance of butting in and asking why. Read more

Naren - Opening Blog Post!

"Wow, I cant believe this! This is incredible! Oh wow, thank you so much!"  were the words I faintly remember saying, as I found out I was a finalist. That particular Thursday, before that moment, was a rather lifeless and ordinary day. I was in my room until the phone rang and my mother called me down saying the call was from "Young Scientist Challenge".  Since then, my friends and family couldn't have been happier for me. Read more

Aidan - The Beginning of My Journey

Hi Everyone!!!!
I'm Aidan from Northport, New York and I am one of ten national finalists in the 2012 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The ten of us selected are middle school students from around the country with great ideas and I look forward to meeting everyone. Congratulations to all! Read more

Brandon - First Blog

Hello everyone! I'd like to thank 3M and Discovery Education for having me in the Young Scientist Challenge. I'm happy to be in the top ten, and excited to get started on my innovation.

My interest in science was sparked by a great deal of factors. My parents definitely had a hand in my love for science. Being a doctor, my mother has taught me so much about medicine and biology. My dad is an engineer, so he gave me a ton of knowledge about crafting, building and inventing. The knowledge I have gained from my parents has served as a foundation for my invention. My teachers gave me endless opportunities to explore the world of science. Finally, as a child, I was extraordinarily curious. Exploring the scientific world around me was a way for me to satisfy my curiosity. Read more

Deepika - YSC Week 1: Opening Blog

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

It has been a few weeks since I received the much anticipated phone call from the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge (YSC), and I cannot wait to visit the 3M headquarters in October! I had my first discussion with my mentor Dr. Jonza yesterday. It was really inspiring to hear him talk about his inventions and research projects and how he was motivated to work in the field of science. I feel fortunate to be able to work with him as I create my new invention. Read more


Patrick - Science - First Blog Post

My brother, who is a former national finalist, challenged me to get to this point.  I was only six years old when he competed in Washington D.C., but I remember all of the excitement.  My brother and I compete in lots of things like sports, video games, and grades, and I accepted his challenge. Read more

Anishaa- First Blog

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
~Anthony J. D'Angelo

Hey everybody! This is my first blog of the year for the 2012 Young Scientist Challenge! I'd like to thank both Discovery Education and 3M for the opportunity to participate in this competition. I'd also like to thank my friends and family for their support through everything I've done. Read more

Carolyn - Opening Blog

Opening video - Carolyn

My interest in science was originally sparked by my 1st grade teacher, Mrs.  Fullerton.  She required each of her students to perform a science fair experiment.   I have been doing science fair projects almost every year since then.   I heard about this contest at the State Science Fair.  I was encouraged to enter by my regional fair director. Read more

Chase - First post

I first learned about the 3M/Discovery Young Scientist Challenge from my best friend, Andrew.  Andrew was the North Carolina State Merit Winner in the 2011.

I wanted to enter the contest, as I love scientific challenges and video-editing, but I had no great ideas.  Then I remembered how I felt when I learned about the Somali famine and the fact that sometimes children were left on the roadside to die because their parents could not carry them for the 2-3 week treks to the refugee camps. Read more

Anin - Blog 1

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about being chosen as one of the top ten finalists for the Young Scientist Challenge, and I look forward to working on my innovation with the guidance of my mentor. I’ll be posting about my experience over the next three months.

My interest for science and science research developed during elementary school, where teachers presented us students with the most interesting and intriguing aspects of each subject (basic chemistry, basic physics, et cetera).  As the years passed, the science curriculum became more detailed and fact-oriented; however, instead of science becoming boring and all memorization, it turned out to be more and more interesting because my teachers would incorporate the scientific method and thinking process in all their classes. By middle school, my interest for science had really grown. Read more

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