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Edward - An important step: Research

Hello Everybody!

An important step to any development is good research. If good practice greatly improves the proficiency of a violinist, then good research greatly improves proficiency of a scientist.

I believe that better research achieves better results, and that is the mindset in which I began my investigation. I began with a simple Google search that led me to an interesting article which had a link to another article and that article had another link, and soon enough I found myself in a labyrinth of articles that provided both important and diverse information.

The internet is not the only database to explore, libraries can house journals of scientists which provide great information about setting up experiments and the results from them. Libraries also house many books which also are helpful. With the many sources provided by my community and the internet, I never felt at a loss of sources.

I have finally arrived in America, and I have never felt more welcome. I guess it's true that nothing can beat home. Because South Korea is halfway across the globe from America, morning in America is night in South Korea. Because of this major time shift, I am experiencing major jet-lag. However, that does not mean I cannot continue my project. Wish everybody the best luck!


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