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Hello again!

I’ve had a great summer working on my project!  I have learned so much from my research and experiments.  My mentor, Dr. Del, has taught me all about what it’s like to be a professional scientist.  The best part of the process so far has been brainstorming new ideas!  Personally, I love the challenge of trying to come up with solutions to everyday problems.  However, it has been difficult to research and figure out how to make my ideas come to life.  This is the hardest part of getting everything up and running; but once you do you can just soar and let your imagination take you where it will.

Now that I have a defined direction that I am moving in, I have been very busy organizing and designing my experiments.  I think that testing is extremely important in the process of developing a new innovation.  You have to investigate different solutions or ways of doing something before you can determine the outcome or decide which one is the best fit.

Sometimes the steps of researching and testing can be frustrating, leading to a setback.  But you have to remember not to be afraid of failing, because failing is the first step to success.  A failure can be just as satisfying as a success, if you look at it in the right way.

“A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions--as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

--Brooke Martin

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