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Brooke - Formalizing Curiosity

What a fun week of research!

Now that I have an idea for a way to cure an everyday challenge, I have to do some in-depth research to narrow down what it is specifically that I’m creating.  It’s very hard to solve a problem without studying it first, because research is what allows you to understand the problem and prompt your thinking toward creating the solution.  Perhaps the hardest part about researching is trying to find the best information you possibly can from reliable sources and making sure that it contributes to the final answers that you seek. I find myself checking multiple sources to verify information and to incorporate multiple viewpoints; evaluating reliable data; and only then formulating my own well-supported conclusions.

A significant part of my research is looking at how I can incorporate a 3M product into my invention.  There are so many different technologies that I could use, it’s difficult to investigate and choose!  It's easy to digress into tangential thinking, when there are so many inspired products to consider! Therefore, I’ve come to understand that organization is the key. I see, first-hand, why it’s so important that scientists organize and keep track of their thoughts, ideas, and research.  Formulating a scientific solution to an everyday problem requires a sequential and precise approach.  Organized research will gradually direct unfettered curiosity a systematic and purposeful endeavor toward a solution.

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

-Zora Neale Hurston

--Brooke Martin

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