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Aishani- The Never-ending Process

Hey everyone!
Wow- time really does seem to fly quickly! With the end of August rolling in, some of us have another exciting thing to look for- a new school year! I'll be expecting new, different challenges, such as juggling my school work and YSC project, and I'm definitely looking forward to my last year in middle school =)
This week has been all about becoming an absolute expert on my topic of research. I have been digging even deeper into science websites for information- it is best to gain as much knowledge as I can before I start planning for my actual experiment. I think that the most difficult part about gathering information is finding out which websites have the most relevant information. Often, I will stumble upon a website, give it a cursory glance and not find anything noteworthy, move on to another website- and five different searches later, I am back at that website, scanning it again for any information. It is truly tough to get the exact knowledge needed for my project.
I believe that trying to solve a problem without researching it at first is impossible. After all, how can you try to solve anything, when you don't know anything about it? Before experimenting, I would need enough knowledge to set up my model, measure my results, and interpret them. I need information on what exactly I'm supposed to be looking for when I do my experiment. Having a fruitful conversation with my mentor last week really helped in guiding my research. With the help of my mentor, I figured out what information I was still missing and needed to find.
Organization is the key to being a good researcher. One of the most essential things in a scientist's daily life is being organized- it helps get work done much faster. I stay organized by keeping all my (both electronic and handwritten) notes in one folder that can be easily accessed. That way I can quickly pull my paper out and start jotting down information again.
These past days have been packed with searching through Google and finding lots of new information. I am super excited for the next few weeks, and I absolutely cannot WAIT until the final event in October! Let's see... there's only about two months left till the day we are all anticipating! I am really looking forward to meeting all nine other finalists and learning more about their amazing projects. But all I know now is that the next month will be packed with more research, planning, and of course, getting back into the groove of a new school year!
A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
Colin Powell

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