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Anish- Start Your Engines!!!

Hello Fellow Scientists,

I got a much awaited call a couple weeks ago (eventhough I remember it like it was yesterday) from Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. I made it into the TOP 10!!!

My immediate reaction was overwhelming joy and happiness! I was very excited to continue my journey with Discovery and 3M! After I announced the news to my friends and family, they were very supportive especially my parents.

Although it has been a couple weeks since the best call of my life, I still can't believe I'm a finalist!!!

The news finally sunk in when I spoke to my mentor, Dr. Erdogan-Huag, earlier in the week. I'm very fortunate to have a great mentor, and I'm sure that her expertise will greatly help me in my endeavour to create a new innovation.

I first learnt about this competition through my 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Roueche. When she introduced this competition to our class, I became very interested and involved. Last year, I won the state merit award, and I was happy, but I yearned to make it to the top.

I tried even harder this year, and it was worth it!

Making my entry video was very hectic and hard but fun. I knew it had to be amazing to make it to the top, so I focused on the technical aspect as well as the scientific innovation aspect. The work paid off!

I really can't wait to get to work!

Right now, I'm in New York with my family for vacation, so I haven't done much yet.
Maybe I'll get inspiration from this trip!

Until then...I better "start my engine"!


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