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Peyton - The Big 3

The Miami Heat have their "Big Three".  Harry Potter has Harry, Ron, and Hermoine.  And Newton discovered the Three Laws of Motion.

Over the past week, I have been observing problems, identifying their causes, and researching potential solutions all in an effort to narrow the list of problems on which to work to my "Big Three".  I started with eight problems and narrowed the list to three which I felt were the most impactful and provided the best opportunity to solve using science.

What I found most interesting was the more specific I was in identifying the cause, the easier it became to develop a potential scientific solution to further investigate and research.

Training one's brain to think like a 3M scientist, see problems in the everyday world, and develop hypotheses to test in order to solve them is enjoyable and challenging.

Now I'm turning my attention to narrowing the "Big Three"  down to the final one problem on which to focus!


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