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Peyton - Guidelines For Picking One Problem/Solution

This week I picked a single problem/solution on which to focus.  I used three guidelines to narrow my list down to a single idea:
Criteria For Picking the Right Idea:
I wanted an idea which would:

  1. Make Something Difficult Easy--I wanted my idea to make something that is difficult today become much easier to manage tomorrow.
  2. Solve A Significant Current Problem--I wanted to attack an ongoing problem that I see both in my community and throughout the US.  I ranked my top three ideas by estimating the number of people who might benefit from a solution to the problem.
  3. Can Be Tested And Measured Scientifically--I ranked my top three ideas by how testable the solution would be and whether I could measure effectiveness.

These guidelines are a more specific way to say that I wanted an idea which solves a big problem in a way that is easy to implement and whose effectiveness can be tested and measured.

Now that I'm focused on a single idea I am off to start some research!

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