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Edward - Hello Everybody!

Hello Everybody!

This is Edward, and I am very excited for the upcoming weeks! I would like to thank Discovery Education and 3M for sponsoring this wonderful competition/program.

My interest has always been toward science and math, and when my science teacher introduced me to this challenge, I was enthralled to participate.  All I had to do was create a short 1-2 minute video which contains an idea of mine that could contribute to "how we live, how we work, or how we play." After submitting my video, I had to endure probably the hardest part of the entry: waiting. :)

When I received a phone call congratulating me on my position as a finalist, I was thoroughly overwhelmed. Just to imagine that I will be around America's Top 10 Young Scientists is such an honor. When I told my family, they were all very excited and all very supportive too.

I am looking forward to an amazing couple of weeks collaborating with my mentor and enjoying my favorite subject, science. Good luck everyone, and have a nice day!


Edward S. Kim


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