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Daniel - The Motives of a Scientist

Last week, I selected eight observations from the news and identified the problems behind them. This was very time consuming because the news is mostly about sports and celebrities instead of problems that may be solved with scientific solutions. I did not find it difficult to narrow down my project options to three because I know which ones have the greatest potential to change the world, and the ones that I am most interested in.
There are many motives that a 3M scientist may be influenced by to invest time and effort into a project, and I believe each scientist has a unique source of motivation. Some of these motives include: saving lives, enabling others to do their jobs more efficiently, making life easier with innovative solutions to common problems, allowing others to have fun, and a multitude of other causes. Whatever these motives may be, it is important to realize that they are the reason we have all of the extraordinary technology that we rely on today, and can expect to live as long we can.

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