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Anish- Only One Problem...

Hello Fellow Scientists,

"The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time." - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart definitely seems to be right with his method of success - focus on one thing at a time. Keeping focus on a particular problem will make the process to finding a solution much simpler.

Last week, I chose my top 3 problems that I wanted to research thoroughly. All this week, I've been researching and researching and even more researching!

For me, narrowing down to one problem  was very hard because I had this feeling that I was shutting a door to an even better idea/invention. However, I decided the smartest thing to do would be to move forward with a solution that would be the most innovative, testable, creative, and do-able within the time constraint.

I also took the help of my mentor, Dr. Belma, to assist me in developing ideas and thoughts on an innovative solution. My mentor has been extremely helpful helping me develop my ideas and recommending 3M products. She has given me pros and cons on my theoretical solutions. Her experience in the process of innovation has truly helped me!

Although all my effort may have not been productive, I really feel like I have accomplished a great deal. I have definitely learnt a lot from this process of innovation!

Summer seems to be flying by! I can’t wait for the final event!


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