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Aishani- A Dream Come True!

Hi everyone- this is Aishani, from Texas. I have always had aspirations of being mentored by a scientist, and I still can't believe that my dream has come to reality! I am extremely thankful to Discovery Education and 3M for coming together and giving children the grand opportunity of developing their passion for science and math. I am very excited to work with my mentor and learn a lot throughout my journey- this is indeed the experience of a lifetime!

As a hobby, I enjoy participating in art and science competitions, the details of which I get from Google. I also love to read science magazines such as ScienceNews and Scientific American. When I stumbled upon the site for the Young Scientist Challenge, I found the finalists' videos from the past years very intriguing. I was inspired to enter this contest. Last year, I was chosen as the State Merit Winner for Texas, which motivated me to try even harder this year.

For my project, I observed the world around me to find out what problems affect the world. I researched related ideas from science websites, some of which I used to come up with my new innovation. After submitting my video, I was both anxious and excited while I waited for the results to come out. After a month, I would check the Discovery YSC website each day for updates.

When I finally received the long-anticipated phone call, I was overwhelmed. My family was also very excited that I had received this amazing honor. Even though I knew I had worked extremely hard on my video, being chosen as one of the 10 national finalists and having an opportunity to be mentored by a scientist was truly my dream come true.

I am really excited to get started and work on my project with my mentor. I am looking forward to meeting my mentor and the other brilliant participants with their outstanding innovations at the 3M Headquarters in October! Again, I would like to thank Discovery Education and 3M for making me a part of this outstanding experience. I hope to get to know everybody else over the next few weeks. Thank you.


Aishani Sil (Plano, TX)



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