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Patrick - My Journey as a 3M/Discovery Education Finalist

- Explore. My first assignment was to explore-  "to look around, think about problems that I see, and document my observations."  It's harder now not to see problems and think about them.

- Escape. After identifying the problems that I wanted to solve, the trick was to escape from "everyday solutions" and think outside the box.  There are so many consumer problems associated with over-the-counter medicine that brainstorming was a significant part of my process.

- Immerse. Testing and tweaking so many prototypes was intense.  I made several errors.  Never the same one twice!  Luckily I had enough time and materials for re-do's.

- Communicate. I first communicated with consumers to find out their medicine habits and whether my solutions would be adopted.  My next role is communicating convincingly to the judges!  Are my words clear?  Are my slides engaging?   Who knew there was a Zen side to PowerPoint slides?  (Thank you, Dr. Del- can't wait to meet you!)

- Celebrate! I'm not ready to celebrate just yet, but I feel great about my scientific journey this summer.  I am both nervous and excited to present my product to the judges.

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