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Carolyn - Thank You!

Thank You
The 3M Discovery Education Young Scientist Challenge has been an awesome experience.  Definitely, my favorite part has been working with a 3M mentor.  Dr.  Appeaning has been a very valuable resource for me over the summer.  She not only helped me with deciding on 3M products, but I also bounced many scientific ideas off her.  It was so wonderful and fun to have an opportunity to work with a real professional scientist.

Throughout my summer mentorship, I learned that being an inventor can be a slow process, but also an extremely rewarding one.  It is not a process where you come up with a fabulous idea and that’s it.  That would be boring.  Instead, one never stops improving. Even when I thought I was all done with my inventive stage of my product, I shortly after came up with a new concept that transfigured my innovation.

If I were to have restarted my innovation process one thing I would have done differently is started testing my innovation earlier.  My testing took longer than originally envisioned.  This put me in a small time crunch.  Also, personal conflicts arose, so I needed to be done with my project faster than expected.  It is not unusual that things take longer than we expect or that unanticipated conflicts arise.  Because of this, if I were to have restarted this process I would want to try to initially work even further ahead of deadlines.

Still, I was able to finish my innovation on time!  Now I just am working on my presentation before the final event.  I’m excited to be there!  The presentation will go well, but perhaps I’m a little nervous about the challenges at the competition. I had the opportunity to meet Chase Lewis at the Broadcom MASTERS competition.  I look forward to seeing him again and to meeting the other finalists.  The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge competition has been awesome thus far, and I can’t wait for the final event!

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