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Brandon - Final Post

I would have never thought that I would reach this moment! Over two months ago, I was writing my first blog entry. I couldn’t have imagined that, soon enough, I would be typing up my last blog and preparing for St. Paul!

The summer mentorship has been extremely strenuous, but not at one point was I bored or uninterested. It has been a great experience, as I learned so much about innovation and inventing. I could not have gone this far (with my project) without the knowledge that I have acquired this summer. I am truly thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience that 3M and Discovery Education have provided me with.

All that’s left for my project is the long, tedious wait for October 14. It feels like the summer has gone by so fast, but approaching the final event, time is passing exceptionally slowly. I’m very excited to visit the 3M Innovation Center, especially to meet my mentor and the other finalists for the first time. After all, you can’t just know a person from blogs, phone calls and emails!

I’m still adamant that I would not do any part in my project differently, other than to extend the time we have until the trip to St. Paul. With more time, I’m sure that all of us finalists could go even farther with our projects. But since the time we have has slipped by so rapidly, I am pleased to say that my project has gone as planned thus far.

This leads me to the seemingly endless amount of thank-yous that I must depart with, before the trip to St. Paul. I’d like to thank 3M and Discovery Education for giving me this rare chance to participate in the Young Scientist Challenge, which has been a life-changing experience. I’d also like to thank 3M and DE for providing me with all the materials that I needed, from adhesives to circuit boards. I would like to acknowledge my ever-supportive mentor, Dr. Hardy, who has always been there to offer guidance and suggestions.  Finally, I’d like to thank my family and all of my friends for their strong encouragement and fervent support every step of the way. I couldn't have gone this far without any of them.

So here I am, after 105 days, waiting for the last week to pass until I board the plane to St. Paul. My final video is below. Once more, words cannot express my appreciation and thanks for everyone who has given their support to me. And to all the finalists, who I will at last meet in Minnesota in nine days- good luck!

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