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Naren - My mentor!

Hello Everyone! I can't believe that the final event is less than a month away! I'm so excited to meet the  other finalists!

These past couple months have been unbelievable! Turning a simple idea into an actual prototype with real-world application that could save thousands of lives is truly amazing! I really wouldn't have done so much, have my mentor not been there. Dr. Kevin Eberman has been a great help for my innovation and has given me advice, resources, and materials that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else! Dr. Eberman has really shown a deep appreciation and interest in my project and has really helped me develop my project throughout the process. Our constant phone calls, emails, and video chats allowed Dr. Eberman and I to collaborate and innovate effectively, making the process all the more fun and enjoyable! The encouragement and motivation Dr. Eberman gave me really made me feel like I was on the brink of doing something amazing! His knowledge of 3M materials blew me away and his innovative outlook really was incredible!

I'd like to thank Dr. Eberman for all the support, encouragement, advice, and resourcefulness he has supplied me throughout the journey!


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