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The first full week of school came to a close today. Being back at school is enjoyable, but as always, I’d much rather be working on my project all day.

I keep on having to remind myself that there’s only one month left until the presentation. I’m working extra hard on my slides now. I’m putting the finishing touches on my prototype, too.

The summer mentorship has been a wonderful learning experience. I got a lot of hands-on involvement on being a scientist and an inventor. For example, some days, I want to relax and take in what I’ve done; on others, I just want to put my head down in frustration. That’s exactly what the scientific method is about- you have to keep trying until you get the process correct. Going through these hardships and excitements gave me a good insight on the life of a scientist. To me, the summer mentorship was the best part of the competition.

The mentorship would be much different if I didn’t have my brilliant mentor, Dr. Hardy. As one of my biggest supporters, Dr. Hardy has always been there for me. If I had a question, he would answer it; if I needed materials for my project, it would come at my front door within two days.  Tips, feedback, supplies, anything- Dr. Hardy would be there. Much of what I’ve learned in the duration of the mentorships were valuable tips on how to present my ideas better- all from Dr. Hardy.

Countdown to final event- 30 days!

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