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Aidan - Video Blog: Doing field research (and having fun!)

Hello Everyone!

I just got back from a Boy Scout trip in Lake George, NY.

During the trip I sailed and camped on different islands.  We backpacked and sailed from island to island and it was a fun time. The weather was great except for one night of wicked storms. If you ever want to see the power of nature, try doing it in a small test during a lightning storm in pitch black woods on a mountain!

But I had time to do some work too! I was also doing research for my innovation. I researched different Fibonacci fractions in trees. Research is very important because without it you can't make your final product.  And my camping trip gave me the perfect opportunity to study many different species at one time.

So here is my video on  The Fibonacci Sequence in trees.  It's a quick summary of an important concept behind my innovation. More video blogs are coming on how this pattern in nature can be used to take my project to the next step and taking a look at the tools that I am using to put the idea together. I hope you enjoy!

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