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Hey everyone!

I’ve been good this week. The past two weeks of Olympics have been amazing to watch. I also recently finished a camp at the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Laboratory. It was great learning more about science there, but most of my time was allotted to my project.

If thinking of a problem is crucial to an invention, researching is even more critical. Research is a focal point of the scientific process. Take away researching and you’re left with an empty shell of a project. No data. No facts to back up your statements. I spent an enormous amount of time delving into every article I could see that is related to the field of acupuncture and electrical stimulation. Focusing on what 3M technologies I was to use took a good portion of researching. If I didn’t do all that, I wouldn’t be here.

Research, of course, cannot sustain a project by itself, just like an idea is not entirely based on fact. All that gathering of knowledge has to lead to a solution, or it may be all for nothing. Hidden in the data and statistics is an answer. Once you gather that data, you must find the answer, or research is pointless.

The hardest part of researching is extracting the essence of the vast amount of information that is given. Every article I read was packed with facts. It was hard to decide which facts I would present in my video and in the upcoming final event.

Essential to every discovery is organization. Without organization, all you have is a glob of facts. Many scientists have brilliant ideas, but aren’t organized enough to present their thoughts clearly. In order to have a successful project, organization is a key factor.

Here's my video: BG_VB3

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