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Anishaa - Fourth Blog - On Collection

Hello, all! A reflection on the past week brings me to the point in which I'm almost ready. I've researched so much on the idea, and I have found no discoveries that state that my idea has been even thought of. In a way, I'm rather glad of this. Everyone dreams of being the first in something- for example, the first person to land on the moon was a huge deal for America. If I could accomplish what I'm setting out to do, it could revolutionize the world as we see it. I've been collecting all my data and have come up with a solution. I am now in the process of finalizing the details and the process.

Looking back, I can now see that coming up with the solution was the easy part- going into the actual details of it is going to be much, much harder. Still, the process is enthralling- I've learned so much!

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