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Anin - Experimental Design

Now that I’ve almost finalized my project idea, I’m searching for the best materials to develop it. Finding the perfect materials for my innovation is a challenge itself; for an innovation to work optimally, its building blocks (the materials) must all work well. I checked several places for the right materials (some of which were hard to find), and eventually, I finalized everything I needed.

One of the most valuable assets to have in an experiment is a solid plan of the experimental design. To plan before experimenting is crucial, because without a plan, you can never be sure of what to conduct, or what the next steps are in an experiment. I'm currently finalizing my experimental design, and I hope to start developing my innovation soon.

Dr. Oxman, my mentor, has provided me with extremely valuable guidance throughout my project. He taught me the importance of controls and variables in testing, as well as gave me advice; I've definitely learned quite a bit from just a few meetings with him. I'm looking forward to our next meeting.

My school starts in a few days, and since I'm going to high school, I will be busy the next week or so, sorting out all of my classes and activities and scheduling. However, I really hope to get started on my procedure as soon as possible.

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