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Aidan - Week 5

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone doing? My summer has been fantastic so far! I have been doing a lot of research on different Fibonacci Sequences and patterns and I have perfected my plans for my innovation for the Challenge.

I have been keeping in touch with my 3M mentor.  She has been in China the last week or so. It must be exciting being a 3M scientist. You get to meet many people and see new places as part of  your job. I have also been looking 3M's solar energy materials and they have a lot of cool stuff that I want to incorporate in my innovation.  I think I am even going to try to make my own solar panels as part of the design--or at least try. We'll see!

This week I'm going into the field for several days on a backpacking/sailing trip. I plan on using this time to create a video for my next blog spot that will explain some of the mathematical and scientific principles that I am investigating for my innovation.  The high adventure trip will be the perfect opportunity to explore and explain the ideas that I am borrowing from nature. I just hope I don't run into any bears!

Stay tuned!


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